Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday, Monday

What up Queenie!
Sunday's Long Run was the second time I ran up Queen Elizabeth hill this week-I guess with the Queen visiting the country - it's only fitting I pay my respect my running "her" hill twice.

The run was fairly hilly but once you get to the top it's only about 4km downhill back to the store. Nnot a bad route at all. The weather was perfect for running  but I never really got into the grove. When I first started running my leg felt so sore. I was favoring one leg and it felt like I was limping when I ran. After about 5km I loosened up a bit. 
This is where I hurt. I believe it is my left abductor.  Someone fix me?

The route was 16km long and average pace for Sunday's run was 5:23/km.

Monday, I rook Keiran along one of my favorite routes. It's about a 10km loop around the seawall and back over Burrard bridge.
Average pace= 5:25/km.  My leg felt pretty good and the run was very comfortable. I think it only hurts in the mornings when I wake up and am stiff. Wow, I am aging at an incredible fast rate.

There are so many awesome running routes in Vancouver that I do with the Running Room that I never really have to think of my own. However, if you want to find a new and pretty run near where you live (ahem, Mom and Dad) or just want to plan out a new route is a good website to check out.


  1. Amelia! I am following you now! Running buddies? I start training for new york today...I was going to wake up early and run but that did not happen...looks like I am going to have to run in the dead heat of day...but its only a three it should be easy peasy....I am so jealous that you get to run in has to be so beautiful there...and all the running buddies.. I may join the Chicago Area Runners Association here...I have such a hard time doing the long runs by myself..I need other people for motivation! Love your blog!

  2. Ahh, sorry to hear you're having leg pain! Although I do love the fancy diagram illustrating the exact location of the leg pain (clever). Missed you ladies this weekend but hopefully I'll see you Thursday?

  3. Juls! I def recommend joining a running club, it makes long runs 200% better! So jealous you get to run New York! You are going to do so awesome because you know what to expect this time.