Friday, July 9, 2010

I take it all back...

Running in the morning is the way to go! Wednesday night's run was a KILLA l0km... seriously, it felt worse than the marathon. I could hardly lift my legs off the ground... hence the 5:23/km "tempo" run. (Numerous walk breaks were taken, innocent people were exposed to my sweat showers, profanities were spoken. Thank you Carolyn and Evelyn for letting me complain so much). After realizing how hot it was at 6pm in the evening, I agreed to meet my friend Rachel for a fartlek type run (speed intervals) Thursday morning at 5:40am..! Immediately after I agreed to it, I was nervous. Rachel ran varsity track at university (2:12-800m! Went to Olympic trials!Ahhh!) I was out of my league. Luckily, Rachel has just started getting back into running and our plan was to do 4 sets of 8 minutes at a 4:00-4:15 pace with a 1 minute walk break between each. 
It wasn't that hard getting up in the morning (probably because I woke up every 5 minutes scared my alarm would go off) and it was so pretty watching the sunrise! It was the perfect temperature as we started out on our 3km warm-up.
Our session looked like this:
#1- 4:09/km - 1.93 km
#2- 4:12/km -1.90km
#3-4:11/km- 1.91km
#4- 4:20/km- 1.85km

My legs were pretty sore afterwards and it was starting to get really hot. Glad I got my work-out in early. I went to the gym afterwards and foam rolled my legs out which made them feel so much better. Can't believe I just started doing this! Tonight at Run Club Dr.Aaron Case came into our clinic to talk about injury prevention and stretching.  Foam rolling is key and contrary to popular belief, static stretching (holding stretches) does not prevent injuries. It's better for most people to do some dynamic stretching (constant, fast movements) before and after their run.
Ahhh trees= shade.


  1. 2:12 800m? 5:40am in the morning? One sec while I look up in awe of both of you. 2 speed sessions in 3 days. You're a monster.

  2. @ Alan Or maybe she's just insane!

    @ Amelia I don't blame you for trying to beat the heat though. I think I chose a good week to take off :)

  3. you did! And good news you two, Aaron Case said he could cure most injuries within 2 weeks...unless it's a stress fracture. Then you are screwed.

  4. 2:12?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!