Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wrong Side of the Bed

So yesterday morning was just one of those days... everything that could go wrong did. I woke up early to finish a paper for school (typical) and was still so sleepy. Why is it that the mornings I have to get up I am tired and when I can sleep in I wake up really early? Ugh. Anywho...finished the papz, sent it to myself and decided it would be quicker to print it at FedEx then at school... went to the store and turns out I hadn't emailed it to myself! AND the guy charged me 43 cents when nothing printed... brutal... I had to use my debit card. Ran home and out to UBC and by this time I was late for class... I have already missed three of these classes so that doesn't look good but hopefully the prof saw me and knew I was there. I also left my wallet at the library. When stuff keeps going wrong I just take a deep breath and remind myself that I can get through anything and that there are way bigger things going on in the world. During lunch we had a meeting about getting our teacher certificates... it's a lot more work then I realized and prrricey... it's like they just want to suck all the money right out of us... and then not even give us jobs. Oh well, it'll be over soon and I can be a REAL teacher ;) After my last class, I busted over to the school where I did my practicum for the Sports Banquet.. it was so fun! Loved seeing all my students again and it was really heart-warming seeing how happy they all were when they won. I'm so sad to leave that school. The two track awards I presented... the student weren't even there! What the... after my beautiful speeches and everything. Finally, I got to RUN- Wed night run practice was HARD. I ran with a new guy and we move didn't want to think the other could keep up... even though we were both huffing and puffing. I thought I was slowing him down and he thought he was slowing me down... finally he caved and I was like thankkkkkkkkk you. We ended up running about 10km in 47 minutes at about a 4:40 pace. It felt really fast and difficult but I think the only way to improve is to run with faster people. Scary to think that to qualify for the New York Marathon I need to do that for 42 kms... umm impossible?! Below: My Sunday and Wed running ladies...

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