Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day of Fitness

I am tired!! Today was a pretty active day on my part. Started the morning with some oatmeal WITHOUT banana... not recommended, felt lost all day. Then did some school work at Blendz and hit the gym for some weight training. I only stayed about 25 minutes and did abs and arms. I need to get some new weight moves! I have pretty much been doing the same workouts since first year university... no wonder I don't see results. After the gym, I came home, ate a veggie stir fry in a wrap for lunch and biked to UBC. It's about a 25 minute bike ride there, mostly uphill and about 15-20 minutes back. It was wearing a white t-shirt and I was sweeeeatyyy. Sorry people who had to sit beside me in class ;)
The best part of my day was running with Alyson! We are marathon training buddies but haven't gotten to run together much since the big race. We planned on going for a long run- 18km but were talking a lot and at about 7km stopped and stretched and then turned around and came back... serious training starts SUNDAY... All in all we did a little over 12km. Not too bad considering the most I usually run on a Tuesday is 6km... Afterwards, we went to the Local for beer, wine and LOTS of food. We split yam fries, fish tacos and a tuna salad... so good but still full. I could fall asleep now but must finish watching Flight of the Conchords... love this show.
Here is a pic of Alyson after running the Vancouver marathon. We both qualified for Boston! Wooo

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