Friday, June 18, 2010

Speed, Tempo and Recovery Runs

Here is a recap of three days of running. Tuesday, I met with my new running/UBC/life friend Ken for some speed work at the UBC track.
Here is a picture of Ken being super hardcore at the SFU trail race... he is FAST (Ken came 5th in his first trail race!)

 I was feeling super 'blah' all day Tuesday. After two coffees and a LUNA bar I finally started to get my energy back. We ran/walked to the track which was about 2 km for a warm-up and then did a 1 mile warm-up around the track. Afterwards, we did some strides and then began our work-out... we decided on 8 X 400 reps... at one point Ken suggested 16... I quickly squashed those dreams.
I kept a pretty steady pace throughout the laps. We did a 200m recovery between each lap which ended up being more of a walk and chat then a jog.
My stats for each 400m= 1:28/ 1:25 /1:24 /1:24 /1:24 /1:23 /1:23 /1:18.
Just noticed that I continued to get faster throughout the intervals which is always a good thing. I tried to really push the last one to finish under 1:20 and it worked.
Moving on to Wednesday night's tempo run with the clinic. It was a beautiful night but my legs were SORE- I googled where I was feeling the pain and I think it is my abductor. The main suggestion was rest- BUT I don't want to stop running especially right before the half...I think I will just take it easy this week and be rested for next Sunday.  Hopefully, this will not cause serious injury. It's funny because walking hurts the most... legs-are you trying to tell me that I should only be running? Despite being sore, I still managed a pretty good pace (thanks to running buddy Matt- without him I would definitely have slowed down). We finished 11km in 52:13 with an average pace of 4:47/km.
Since Carolyn and I were missing Run Club on Thursday evening we decided to go for a recovery run bright and early Thursday morning. Thank God for running roomies!! Life would suck without one, I suggest everyone go out and buy a running roomie immediately ;) Such good motivation. I love, love, love running friends! We did a nice steady/slow pace of aprox 5:30/km for about 6km. I say this with a lot of about's and aprox's because Carolyn left me in the dust and I walked up the last hill to try and save my legs (and I am also lazy). Stay tuned for the best. race. ever. recap tomorrow!


  1. Sweet, another running blog to following. Move over Dave :) Hmmm... let me know when you are doing your next track work out, I'd be interesting in joining you!

  2. Wooohoo Alan my first follower! Thanks buddy, and next Tuesday evening speed Work? Please run the scotia half!!

  3. Yup on the Tuesday workout! Not running the scotia half, but more than happy to pace you for the last half if you want. I'm thinking of picking up you at maybe NW Marine Dr and Acadia...